Unveiling An Uxbridge Story in Stone – 2017

AVEC (Arts and Visual Enhancement Committee) was formed by Uxbridge Town Council to investigate and map out possible areas of the Township suitable for works of public art.

Local artist Fly Freeman was selected to create AVEC’s first major project: a frieze of four limestone panels representing the various phases of our forests. “An Uxbridge Story in Stone” spans the initial clearing of the land that became the Township of Uxbridge, to the reforestation that has developed the wonderful trails we enjoy today.

The project is created from four 3’x2’x1’ pieces of Indiana Limestone. They are assembled to form a cube measuring 3′ x 3′ x 3’ mounted on a 3’ high base. Images are carved in relief around the sculpture, as is the following text:

“We cut the trees to Build the Town that Brought the People who Replanted the Forests and Made the Trails where now We Walk.”

Panel 1: Two woodsmen cutting down the big first growth trees.

Panel 2: A wheel from a mill representing the growth of industry in Uxbridge

Panel 3: Realization of the need for reforestation and restoration of the land and forest.
Panel 4: An image of the present-day forests around Uxbridge, and the families who are enjoying the “Trail Capital of Canada”

The sculpture has great relevance in this, Canada’s sesquicentennial year. Of historical significance, “An Uxbridge Story in Stone” will serve as a focus for community pride and an inspiration for our youth.

Sept 19, 2017 6:30 pm in front of Uxbridge Municipal Offices, 51 Toronto St S, Uxbridge.